Adeleke Oluwakemi E & Co

Adeleke Oluwakemi E & Co is an Auditing and Tax Consulting firm based in Oyo State Ibadan, Nigeria.

Our firm was established in Nigeria 2013.  Adeleke Oluwakemi E & Co is promoted by highly qualified, experienced and well-known Audit and Finance Management professionals.

Firm professionals educated from Nigeria and UK. e.g Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Practitioners, Chartered Institutes and SecuritiesInvestment. Their experience expands over Ten years in this domain.


External Audit

Our audit process is planned with the company’s personnel and our audit team in order to address issues early on. We also perform an in-depth analysis of your organization and its internal controls for designing our audit procedure by communicating openly with the clients throughout the year with our specific recommendations. This methodology assists us to perform an efficient and effective audit

Internal Audit

At Adelekes’, we also offer internal audit, co-sourcing, resource enhancement, access to specialized skills or full outsourcing, depending on your requirements.

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i Confirmation of client’s Income Tax position (including VAT) at the Federal Inland Revenue. 

ii Preparation of annual tax returns based on clients’ audited accounts and submitting same to the Federal Inland Revenue Service. We also agree client’s tax liability with the tax authorities. This includes all aspects of Nigerian taxation.

iii Ensuring that proper tax planning is done in the preparation of the audited accounts to minimize the tax burden on the Company

iv Assisting in obtaining tax clearance certificates every year for our clients.

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In the eyes of the law, a corporation has many of the same rights and responsibilities as a person.

 It can buy, sell and own property; enter into leases and contracts; and bring lawsuits.

 It pays taxes, it can be prosecuted and punished (often with fines) if it violates the law.

The chief advantages are it can exist indefinitely, beyond the lifetime of the member or founder, and that it offers its owners the protection of limited personal liability.

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